Warehouse Security Guards Industrial Manned Guarding 

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Secure your Industrial or Warehouse Facility 
Criminals target warehouses. They can be tempting. Due to high-value goods stored and often in remote and quiet industrial locations. If left unmanned, a warehouse filled with valuable stock and equipment is a prime target. Especially during the weekend and holiday periods. To reduce the risk, you can hire a specialist security service to keep your warehouse premises secure. Spartan Warehouse Security Guards can patrol, man entrances and monitor your CCTV. To add another layer of security, you can display warning signs to deter illegal behaviour. Ultimately, with our industrial and warehouse security in place, we can prevent and respond to incidents.
Even if you have one warehouse or multiple warehouses or warehouses in various locations, our warehouse security service can extend to your needs. We are there to secure your facilities, night and day. With over 25 years of experience and customer retention, we can offer bespoke industrial or warehouse security solutions to ensure your organisation has maximum protection.
Static Warehouse Security Officers 
There are hotbeds for a crime. Criminals will take advantage of them while left unchecked. But with our expertise and manned static security guards, we can identify those areas to prevent theft and vandals. From then on, patrols will constantly monitor active areas. Security guards will keep your stock and equipment safe and secure. They will prevent perpetrators from targeting your premises, especially when closed. You can be confident that your premises won’t fall victim to vandals.
Mobile Warehouse Security Guards
It’s not uncommon to have multiple warehouses. Sometimes they are dotted around an industrial site. Or a large external parking/storage area. Therefore, this is where mobile security patrols come into play. With a mobile security guard, you can cover more ground to protect your premises and goods and equipment. They will prevent thieves with highly-visible security patrolling the site, on foot or in your patrol vehicles. Should anything happen, our rapid response will decrease interferences to your business. With that in mind, your business will be consistently secure with patrolling security guards.
Warehouse Entrance & Gatehouse Security Guards
Intruders target access points. To prevent this, warehouse security guards control your gatehouses and entrances. Controlling access is a sure way to prevent unwanted people from slipping into your premises. With manned security at access points, your guard can check each person’s identification while signing in and out at all times. That way, you’ll know who has come and gone and who is in the building. Once everyone has finished for the day and your building is locked and secure, your security officers will guard all entrances and other means of entry.