Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Systems For Car Dealerships

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The type of guarding you’ll need will always depend on your business type. For instance, a construction site may require a security officer who is experienced in access control with a knowledge in on-site health & safety, whereas one deployed in a car dealership has more of a concierge role and may be customer facing. No one would argue that keeping customers, staff and assets safe should be the number one priority in all cases but is manned guarding necessary in car dealerships?

Why would a car dealership require a manned guard?

Car dealers, car showrooms and garages are a particularly attractive target for criminals. High value cars, vans and trucks are left on display overnight and at weekends often with car audio and in-car-entertainment devices left in the vehicles. Usually, the staff on-site are sales people, mechanics and managers; their skills lie in other areas so they rely on security solutions to help protect them from thieves.

What other security measures could a car dealership use?

Physical security devices such as high fences can be used to protect vehicles and premises but these can prevent potential buyers browsing stock when the dealership is closed. Barriers and wheel clamps can be used for car dealer security but these are perceived as an impractical nuisance by salespeople who are reluctant to remove the security device to give a prospect a test drive.

What has experience in this sector taught us?

Well, a sector specific security issue faced by new car dealers is the swell in vehicle numbers on site at certain times of the year. For example, on the lead up to new car registrations in March and September most car dealers see massive increases in vehicles on site. Most of these vehicles are awaiting delivery to customers. Any theft or damage to these vehicles just prior to delivery often leads to cancellation by the customer. Spartan 24 Hour Security are able to provide short term and/or additional security cover to car dealers at these peak times.

Isn’t it a bit overkill?

Absolutely not! It’s no secret that buyers’ habits have transformed enormously in recent years. Everyone wants a whole lot more for a whole lot less. The growth shift to online shopping has affected everyone in sales, so anything that can be done to enhance the buyer’s in-house and on-site experience is good. In light of the increase in terrorism, crime and theft, the average shopper will feel far more safe and secure investing in a brand that values security than one that doesn’t… Professional, licensed security officers can add to the ‘buy in’ of a brand. When well chosen by an experienced company, security officers can portray the correct and most suitable image for the business, as well as deterring any unwanted activity.

Spartan 24 Hour Security offers a wide range of car dealer security solutions including Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols, CCTV monitoring and installation. Our hands-on car dealer security experience gained with high profile dealer groups in North West England ensures we are able to provide car dealers with the most appropriate and cost effective security advice and solutions for their needs. We also provide 24 hour security solutions for motorcycle and HGV dealerships.

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