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Spartan Close Protection Services stands tall among other security companies. Our guards think logically before taking action. Our bodyguards have excellent situational awareness coupled with sharp eyes. They constantly scan environments watching out for any potential conflicts or situations that may harm the client. They can detect and stop potential accidents or attackers before they strike. Our bodyguards are aware that being proactive is better than being reactive when it comes to avoiding threats.

Our close protection officers are also self-confident. This is a critical trait for all bodyguards. Self-confidence has nothing to do with being arrogant or feeling superior. Our bodyguards are self-confident in the sense that they know what to do to ensure our clients are safe.

Attackers know how to read the body language of bodyguards, and will easily tell if a bodyguard is not up to the task. This means that a bodyguard with no self-confidence exposes his/her client to attacks. A self-confident bodyguard deters potential attackers and wards them off from the person they are protecting. The factual actions by bodyguards comprise only 20% of their work, the remaining 80% is about thinking ahead and prevention. That's why adequate training is necessary for security officers.

Another reason why many people hire us is that our bodyguards are trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. Our bodyguards will always be available, and you can depend on them. They are reliable, making them worthy of your trust.

We know how trust is important because there are certain personal issues you may need to disclose to the bodyguards to enhance your security. For example, your bodyguard may get to know about your medical problems, relationship issues, or business deals that you don't want other people to know. Other than just protecting you physically, our bodyguards will also ensure your confidentiality is protected. Even if you are dealing with issues that our bodyguards don't agree with, they'll keep their opinions to themselves and respect whatever you are doing.

Communication is very important between a client and a bodyguard. Communication breakdown can cause a serious security threat. That's why we train our bodyguards on communication skills so they can communicate clearly, effectively, and in a way that can be understood. Our bodyguards also have excellent listening skills that enable them to take instructions.

As a top security company, we are aware of the importance of hiring a security company with knowledge, experience, and high professional standards. Spartan Close Protection Services is such a company. We are among the leading celebrity and VIP protection agencies in the UK. No matter the kind of security service you need, we'll provide you with an extra layer of protection so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind.

Technological advancements indeed have availed many devices and tools that assist in security operations, but there are some qualities that security personnel must possess so they can use these devices and tools effectively. Spartan Close Protection Services is the industry leader when it comes to the provision of private security services.

First and foremost, our agents use common sense and they have good judgment. Their senses are fine-tuned to help them spot dangerous situations and make correct decisions quickly before anyone is harmed.

Remember that personal security can be compromised in an instant. That's why you need a partner that can think and react quickly without making any mistakes. Our experts can work anywhere in the law enforcement and criminal justice industry.

That's why we have agencies, companies, and individuals vying to hire us. 

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