Manned Guarding Europe

Spartan 24 Hour Security Guards Europe is a leading security company in Europe, providing security guards and security services across the continent. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering comprehensive, bespoke programmes that fulfil every security requirement of our clients.
We believe in a customer-focused approach, ensuring we understand your unique situation thoroughly and, therefore, how to protect your interests most effectively and efficiently. We offer free consultations and security risk assessments to assess your security requirements and how they could be met with our services. Our security guards in Europe are robustly vetted and background checked, often recruited from ex-military and other service personnel. In all cases, they will be licenced and accredited to work in your location.
We offer full-service security solutions, which means all of your security requirements can be met with just one bespoke security programme. Owing to our wide range of available services and continental reach, we eliminate the need and extra cost of contacting multiple agencies to deliver a variety of services. We have experience delivering our services across Europe, where standards and requirements differ greatly. We take care of all legal requirements, ensure our security professionals are trained to all necessary legal standards, and have all relevant accreditations to operate in locations across Europe.
Spartan Security Guards Europe works in all business sectors with clients that range from multinationals to small and medium enterprises.
Some of the most common areas we work in include:
  • Retail security for outlets of all sizes
  • Residential security for apartment blocks, private residences, and communities
  • Industrial security for all types of industrial facilities including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centres
  • Event security for festivals, gigs, sports events, political conferences, and more
  • Transportation security, including full end-to-end services
  • Hospitality security including door supervision and concierge services
  • Recruitment and permanent security staffing solutions
Each sector has its own unique security challenges. To see how we can help you overcome them, get in touch with us today.